In a market place that has previously been reliant on “solvent based adhesives” and in tandem there has been little emphasis in terms of recycling, we have seen dramatic changes within our industry and there is a significant emphasis on recycling and now water based adhesives are extensively used.

As one of the country’s leading flooring contractors, we pro-actively implement recycling via our Recofloor partner and we promote manufacturers who develop sustainable manufacturing methods and manufacturers who use products that are recyclable and sourced from sustainable origins. It is a pre-requisite that we obviously comply with all current legislation but as market leaders we endeavour to do far more than the recognised brief within our market sector and thus, actively use environmentally friendly biodegradable and non toxic products within our installations.

We also work closely with manufacturers to reduce packaging and we have carried out numerous projects where packaging has been returned to source for recycling once installations have been undertaken. In addition, we have worked with manufacturers who also recycle products that have been taken up from existing sites prior to new flooring coverings installed and further details can be provided if required.

Our Environmental Policy summarises clearly our position and this is cascaded to all our employees, including our directly employed floor layers, who work alongside our clerical staff to ensure that our environmental commitments are met. Our In House staff operate non-paper based means of communication and all waste paper in house is recycled. We anticipate being accredited with the ISO14001 environmental accreditation imminently and needless to say, that all plywood that is used is FSC registered. Certificates can be provided if required.

Whilst the market in which we operate has changed dramatically within the last 20-30 years, we are constantly striving to innovate and improve our methods of work to reduce waste and promote the use of non harmful products and one of our companies key objectives is to ensure that we become market leaders in doing so.