Environmental Policy Statement
John Abbott Flooring Limited undertake to:


Comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements.
Comply with our clients’ environmental policy requirements.
Identify and evaluate the environmental consequences of the Company’s activities.
Promote and support ‘best practice’ for maximising environmental benefit, to encourage environmental improvement and minimise the potential for environmental damage that may be caused by our operations.
Educate and train our employees to promote awareness and understanding of environmental issues.
Ensure that any sub-contractors demonstrate compliance with our environmental policy and that of our clients.
Minimise the total quantity of waste produced by our operations and maximise recycling of any waste produced
Where applicable, liaise closely with statutory and local authorities, clients, third party organisations and the general public.
Review our environmental performance and that of our sub-contractors by regular auditing of operations, identify and rectify any deficiencies and promote continuous improvement.
Establish and maintain an effective Environmental Management System to complement our core business operations, supported by proven Environmental Consultants where necessary.
This policy applies to all employees of John Abbott Flooring Limited.